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The Cash Collection Office operates Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and payment methods are:

  • In person at the Administration building
  • Cheque payable to 'Rosewood State High School'
  • Direct deposit to school account (Internet Banking)

Bank Account Name: Rosewood State High School

BSB: 064-417 (CBA Ipswich)

Account Number 10286027

Please record Student's Full Name in the reference section of your internet banking to enable your payment to be matched to the correct student.

  • Credit card
  • CentrePay - Fortnightly Deductions from any Centrelink Account

CentrePay Application Form 139KB


Student Resource Scheme


Rosewod State High School operates a Student Resource Scheme (SRS) for students from Years 7-12. Whilst the cost of providing instruction, administration and facilities for education of a student is met by the State, a parent/guardian is directly responsible for providing the student with textbooks and other resources for a student's use while attending school.


The Queensland Government Textbook and Resource Allowance supplement that is paid annually to all High Schools is used to offset the cost of each schools SRS scheme. In 2018, the Textbook and Resource Allowance received for students in Years 7-10 was $123.00 and for Years 11-12 students was $266.00.


Purpose of Scheme


The purpose of the scheme is to provide the parent/guardian with a cost effective  alternative to purchasing textbooks and/or resources elsewhere, through reduced prices gained from the school's bulk purchasing practices. The scheme is endorsed by the P&C but managed by the school and operates within the policy and guidelines of the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE). DETE encourages schools to operate a scheme as a service to parents/guardians.


Option A - Participation in the Scheme


Participation in the scheme is voluntary, and those parents/guardians who join the  scheme are required to pay a fee in return for their student to access materials and  resources managed by the scheme. Please note: If you choose NOT to participate in the scheme, you will be required to provide all items listed in the Student Resource Scheme 2018 Document 73.4KB which are relevant to your student's subjects and Year Level.


All parents/guardians, regardless of whether they wish to participate in the scheme or not, will need to sign the Student Resource Scheme 2018 Form 146KB indicating that they have read the Term and Conditions. If a student leaves the school during the school year, a Parent Refund 57KB will be made on the basis of a 40 week year.


Benefits of the Scheme

  • Students have the required resources for their education when they commence  school.
  • Saves parents/guardians time and money in sourcing appropriate textbooks  and other materials provided through the scheme.
  • The school can secure through bulk purchases, and discounts through early  purchasing, are passed on to the students.
  • Student ID Card.
  • Student Diary.
  • $10 Printing Credit per year.


Items Specificially Excluded from the Scheme 

  •  Stationery items (eg. Class book lists - pens, exercise books, rulers, calculator   etc.)
  •  Protective Clothing where required
  • School activities that enhance the curriculum (eg. excursions, camps, formals  and enrichment activities). 

Subject Levies Year 11/12 Students

Please be aware that some subjects where the instruction is extended through  providing practical learning experiences in excess of materials provided by school  grants require a Subject Levy to be paid if your student is participating in them. 

Option B - Non-Participation in the Scheme

Upon request, the school will provide a comprehensive list of all items applicable to  your student, that are covered under the Student Resource Scheme. It is the  responsibility of non-participants to purchase all the textbooks and resources provided by the scheme. If  you choose not to participate you are required to complete a Refund Request Form 57KB and you will be entitled to receive a payment from the school to the value of the  Government Text Book and Resource Allowance for your student year 7-10 $123 and year 11-12 $266. On receipt of your completed participation form indicating that you do not  wish to participate and the refund request form you will receive the refund.

Costs for Non-Participant

  • Student ID Card $5
  • Student Diary $8
  • Printing Credit $10
  • Reproduced Class Materials - see relevant costs outlined in the 2018 Student  Resource Scheme Document 146KB   Reproduced Class Materials will be charged for each subject the student is enrolled in. These costs are for the production of class handouts, exams, worksheets and booklets.


Student Identification Card


The Resource Centre is fully automated. Upon receipt of a minimum payment of $100 towards the Student Resource Scheme, all students are issued with a student ID card to make borrowing fast and efficient. This card includes a photograph, borrower number and an expiry date and must be presented when borrowing material from the Resource Centre. The cost to non-participating students is $5.00 including GST. Lost or damaged cards will be replaced upon payment of $5.00 including GST. The card remains the property of the school.