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Essential Mathematics

The study of Essential Mathematics provides opportunities for students to build on their mathematical proficiency beyond Year 10 to develop their skills applicable to society. With appropriate effort and experience, students will develop confidence and success in their use of mathematics.
Essential Mathematics incorporates routines and procedural fluency, modelling and problem solving in real-world scenarios. When student's mathematical procedures become more efficient and factual knowledge comes to mind more readily, students will be able to make more complex decisions to solve problems. In this way, Essential Mathematics will assist students to make connections between related concepts and adapt what they already know to unfamiliar situations.
The major domains of mathematics in Essential Mathematics are Number, Data, Location, Time, Measurement and Finance. Students will recognise definitions, rules and facts from everyday mathematics and data, and to calculate using appropriate mathematical processes. There will be a greater emphasis on estimation, problem solving and reasoning. Students will appreciate adaptability and flexibility of Mathematics to solve problems.
Enrolment into a Mathematics subject is compulsory.
There are no recommended pre-requisites for this course.
A course of study in Essential Mathematics is an Applied subject suited to students who are interested in pathways beyond Year 12 that lead to tertiary studies, vocational education or work. This course will establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of trade, industry, business and community services.
For more information, please see the 2019 Curriculum Handbook.