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​The study of Chemistry provides opportunities for students to engage with the chemical composition and chemical nature of the universe.
Students develop an understanding of the structure of materials and their properties. They engage with concepts that explain the behaviour of matter, rates of reactions, chemical interactions, the formation of new substances, imbalances through equilibrium, nuclear and atomic theories and electron behaviour through electrochemistry. Students will appreciate the link between the macroscopic properties of the world and subatomic particles and forces that account for those properties.
Participating in a course of study derived from the Chemistry syllabus will immerse students in both the practical and contextual aspects of the discipline, through working scientifically and enacting scientific inquiries, investigations and experiments. It will facilitate the growth of student awareness of the constructions of chemical understandings from academic, personal, social and global perspectives. A course developed from this syllabus embraces the intrinsic "hands on" nature of the subject and provides students with opportunities to develop the key competencies in contexts that arise naturally from the subject matter.
To enrol in this course students are expected to have achieved:
  • A-B in Year 10 Science
  • A-B in Year 10 Core Maths
A course of study in Chemistry can establish a basis for further education and employment in the fields of medicine, forensics, veterinary science, biotechnology, winemaking, environmental science, pharmacy, and sport sciences.
For more information, please see the 2019 Curriculum Handbook.